Wicklow Coppice

Traditional hand made fencing, gates, charcoal, timber frame construction and garden products using green wood in Wicklow.

Made using age old greenwood working methods, mostly with hand tools. Green wood is split, or cleft, rather than sawn. Cleft wood is stronger than sawn wood with the fibres within remaining intact, so natural curves and features are preserved.

Coppicing is a traditional woodland management system dating back thousands of years, where trees are felled during winter and regrow again in spring. The wood is harvested sustainably by cutting on a rotational cycle ad infinitum. This quality of woodland benefits wildlife due to the structural complexity with cycles of light and shade.

More information and a glossary of terms is included at the bottom of this page.

For enquiries please use the contact form at the bottom of this page or call - 085 2246967

Please note that Hazel products are seasonal due to the material only being cut during the winter months. Orders must be in place before the end of the calendar year for delivery in late winter/early spring.

All other products are available all year round.

Barbecue charcoal retailers list;

Roundwood Stores

Joly's Garden Centre, Glenealy

Tinahely Farm Shop

An Tairseach, Wicklow

Swans on the Green, Nass

An Lar, Dunlavin

Castleruddery Organic Farm

The Organic Shop, Windy Arbour, D14

Glossary of terms

Cleft - split, as opposed to sawn. Also cleave, riven.

Paling - a thin cleft section of wood used to fill in the gaps of a gate or fence.

Lath - a smaller, thinner version of a paling, usually flexible enough to weave.

Biochar or charcoal fines - the by-product of grading charcoal for barbecues. Usually fine particles and dust that can be added to soil or compost to improve texture, water retention and habitat for microbial lifeforms.

Wattle - the name for woven hazel panels, often made from cleft hazel.

Hurdle - a movable lightweight cleft gate or wattle panel.

Timber frame - made using hand-cut joints fixed with oak pegs. Not to be confused with modern light-weight stud work or mass-produced frames.